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Here is a picture of me-- drawn by my wonderful friend full of private jokes. Like that horrible green jumper. But joking aside here I am:

A close resemblance, right?

I had someone else write my bio, because I'm not very good at writing about me:

Lauren has a quiet, sweet disposition- an introvert. She enjoys sitting back and being herself, rather than fighting to stand out against the crowd. Perhaps this is why she loves to read so much; delving into a book, forgetting reality, letting the literature take over; encompass her, absorb the words, descriptions and stories. This is also why Lauren loves to write, a blissful escapism from the monotonous and dull everyday; being creative; reading and writing are important, a release. Establishing her love for all things fantasy however, Lauren likes to delve in various forms of other genres. Mixing her reading to portray both her adult and young adult qualities.

And that's pretty much all there is to know about me, personality wise.

I'm a Londoner, well, sort of. I was born and raised in South East London, a family with it's own difficulties. Which, in turn, means you can find me sitting in my room doing one of four things: writing, watching netflix, thinking about my cats and reading, breathing and thinking about books.

 If I was born in SE London, what do you mean by- 'sort of?'

As of September 2016, I packed up a few of my belongings and moved 300 miles to North Wales. Where I am currently studying (and failing) for a BA(Hons) in Creative and Professional Writing. Go me!!

I praise myself in being honest with my opinion of the books I read, among other things, and this is what I hope my blog will come to and become representative of me.

You can find me on Goodreads and Twitter.

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