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Shwmae! Croeso i ACityofBooks.
Hi there! Welcome to ACityofBooks.

I'm Lauren, a creative industries graduate from Bangor University, with a passionate love for Fantasy, Young Adult Literature, and the publishing industry.

I should also mention that as much as I would like to be, I am not fluent in Welsh. But, I continue to strive to learn, especially since moving back home to South East London. 

Established in 2016, ACityofBooks became a beacon of hope when I felt isolated and alone during the summer after completing my A-levels. I have always been around in the Book-Twitter communities, but after dabbling in writing my own reviews, I found that I loved the creative freedom it gave me, as well as the type of people I was meeting. 

In these three years, I have been published in three short story anthologies and I am always looking to further challenge and develop creativity. 

I praise myself in being honest with the books I read, among other things, and continue to only be myself. I want ACityofBooks to remain a personal outlet, as I slide my business-attired foot into the door of PR and Marketing. 

I am happy to be contacted via Twitter (@ACityofBooks) or Email (lauren@acityofbooks.co.uk) for inquiries into review requests. 

If you like what I write, and wish to support me, you can always visit my Amazon wishlist. But, and I cannot stress this enough, you are not required to do so and there is no pressure to buy anything. I do this because I love what I do. 

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