August 23, 2015

REVIEW: Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)

DISCLAIMER: This is a sequel novel and so spoiler-free is NOT Garenteed but I will be brief on plot detail to the bare minimum.


My thoughts:

This was a little slow to get into- I will admit. The changing with the dynmatics of the plot threw me out of the ball park for the first two-three chapters but after that I eased back into the world of Erilea. For the first time we Celeana as the King's Champion; taking on the role of an assassin that we get to see for the first time. And let's just say she's known as Adarlan's Assassain for a reason- she kicks ass.

In this installment we see another of Caleana's romatic interests: Chaol Westfall. I honestly don't like this? And I don't know why. Their relationship just felt all fire to me and it got in the way for me. But at the same time Dorian felt like a kicked puppy that wanted their owner but was wary. Seeing who would be the 'owner' in all this- i'd be wary too; Celaena knows how to make and handle weapons.

This was slightly slower paced than Throne of Glass but I think this suits the slow-burner of a plot. It felt that all the consequences were more weighed down in this book, and weighing onto Celaena. Giving the more personal of reasons of what I think this is all leading towards; not just because of who she is *cough SPOILER cough* 

Maas has obviously done research into certain areas of this book that would otherwise have been blindingly obvious to being made up. Those small details of intricacy leave me forever craving more and more AND EVEN MORE.

Still action-packed; Celaena kicks ass in the slow burner of a revolt against the King of Adarlan. Twists and turns will leave you guessing on the edge of you Glass Thrones and will leave you hanging off the edge of the cliff; the craving to pick up Heir of Fire- almost too irrestiable.

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