In Silence


She wanted silence, but birds are prone to sing.

The town of Silence only appears during life’s quietest moments, when a friend stops replying to your texts; the dull ache of loneliness invades your every thought and life is losing its shape. The town of Silence is ruled by a creature of fairy tale legend, the ErlQueen, but the townsfolk call her Swindle when they think she cannot hear them; but a bird might sing if she calls upon it.

When the moon rises, the ErlQueen unlocks their cages and fulfills her bargains of purpose and freedom, if only they fly into the night and return before dawn; and recall the gossip of the townsfolk.

The town of Silence appears to Hush one evening when she feels her life is crumbling beneath her, and the ErlQueen hears her despair. She welcomes Hush into her halls, with a feast harvested of Goblin fruits and faerie wines; Hush loses her inhibitions and is tricked into giving over her life to the ErlQueen.

In Silence is a story about vulnerability, loneliness and what happens when you begin to let others make choices for you. 


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