January 04, 2016

New Books, New Resolutions

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions. I never stick to them and end up forgetting about them about a month after I've written them. But this year I'm determind not to mess up.

Compiling THREE book and blog related resolutions I thought I'd make them public in order to push myself into sticking with these:

1. Dedicated time:-

I've noticed that I'm not dedicating enough time to actually writing and blogging. Considering this is what I have the most fun doing its astonishing!

This year I pledge to spend a minimum of TWO HOURS a week to this blog.

2. Read One, Finish One:-

I ended 2015 like the ultimate book-whore I am. Start one, get half-way through, never finish it then start another. It leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when they're all amazing books!

I am to have a ONE book at a time policy. The only time this is to be acceptable for TWO is when I have been given a book to read for English Literature.

3. Say no to ARC's:-

Another awful habit- requesting ARC's and not getting round to finishing them. Or even starting them for that matter. Which makes me feel like I'm taking advantage of this amazing network. But I don't mean too.

This one is taking on part A and B.

3a. No more requesting ARC's via Netgalley until I'm at a stage where I have given feedback on ALL books that still hold my interest. I did request them for a reason, right?

3b. TWO ARC's a month. This isn't a big deal; reading e-books tend to take up less of my time- with no real pain of a comfy position to hold your arms at.

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