September 20, 2016

REVIEW| Replica

Replica (Replica #1) 
Lauren Oliver


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Gemma has been in and out of hospitals since she was born. 'A sickly child', her lonely life to date has revolved around her home, school and one best friend, Alice. But when she discovers her father's connection to the top secret Haven research facility, currently hitting the headlines and under siege by religious fanatics, Gemma decides to leave the sanctuary she's always known to find the institute and determine what is going on there and why her father's name seems inextricably linked to it.

Amidst the frenzy outside the institute's walls, Lyra - or number 24 as she is known as at Haven - and a fellow experimental subject known only as 72, manage to escape. Encountering a world they never knew existed outside the walls of their secluded upbringing , they meet Gemma and, as they try to understand Haven's purpose together, they uncover some earth-shattering secrets that will change the lives of both girls forever...


At first glance, Replica comes off as a book that is perhaps about two girls from two different sides of the metaphorical school "court". Although, their lives differ they are too "replica's" of the situations they face throughout their lives. Even if, this wasn't your initial thoughts, I know that these were certainly mine. Since then, I've read the synopsis and by default the entire thing.

Actually the cover artist has done a great job of getting the feel for the content of the book across to a potential reader. On one side is Lyra, in a bold, solid pretty pink and purple butterfly; the better at suggesting a character that is confident in their identity. Something we acknowledge early on in Lyra's chapters; she knows who she is, what she is-- a replica, a clone. On the other side is Gemma, in a mellow underconfident orange with a teal butterfly. Gemma has always known she was different which Oliver really gets across in her unsureness of who she thinks she is. 

I've never really got on with Oliver's work just because her content has never been anything that takes my interest. And then she wrote Replica. Lauren Oliver has something I would call:  an "old-fashioned" story teller narrative. It's paired down enough not to be overcomplicated and divide our attension from the point she is trying to get across but, still holds enough detail to paint a picture and for us as readers to gain enough data about who our protagonists and side-characters are.  This simplistic writing style worked really well, with the story that Oliver was telling. It made it all the more raw and heartbreaking and left my heart shattered. 

Releases: 8th Oct, 2016


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