November 15, 2016

TBR| Tome Topple 2.0

If you missed the it Sam, over at ThoughtsonTomes, made the announcement that TomeTopple will be coming back for a 2.0. 


That's right- from the 18th Nov til the 1st Dec get those big books ready because it's time to tackle those monsters!

During the debut round, I was unable to participate due to it being the time of year where ALL my coursework deadlines decide to play ball so, naturally, I had no time to actually read.

This time: I am in Wales "studying", and have more free time then I would like.

Here is my list of possible maybe's that I will be reading from this upcoming Friday. If you see any here that interest you and you want to read too- TRACK ME DOWN OVER ON TWITTER! @ACityofBooks

Anyway, let's begin:

The Shadow of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy #1)
James Islington

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Page Count: 602

I requested this to review from the publisher and after receiving it all I have done is put it off. ITS HUGE?!

This one is definetly what I am starting this read-a-thon with. I feel guilty for not having read and reviewed it yet. 

It is already out in all good bookshop and online retailers. 

If and when I finish this beast of a book, these are my options to move on to. 

I will say that if anyone wants to buddy read any of these, please let me know and we can set it up. I can read two books at once.

The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle #1)
Miles Cameron

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Page Count: 764

I've noticed that a lot of people are reading books that are around the 500-600 page mark. 

Pfft. When I got over 500 pages, I seem to go to the extreme.

Twelve Kings in Sharakhai (The Song of the Shattered Sands #1)
Bradley Beaulieu

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Page Count: 580

Starting to notice how so many of these books I have accumulated within the past couple of months. 

It's like Sam knew what I've been buying and that I would need help in actually motivating myself to read these giants.


Elantris (Elantris #1)
Brandon Sanderson

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Page Count: 608

I'm holding off from finishing the Mistborn Trilogy until I am back in the home comforts of London with my cats.

So this is the next best thing. Was sent this by the publisher in celebration of the recent news about a certain movie deal. 

And that's all my choices. I'm on a mild book buying ban so I wouldn't be able to read any Scott Lynch books because I still don't own any. Or of Brent Weeks' work. First World Problems- I know!

What are all ya'll be reading during the #TomeTopple read-a-thon?

Follow the official Twitter page and join the Goodreads page if you want to get in on this. (HINT: You would want to, trust me,)

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