May 31, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday| Fandoms You Are No Longer Apart Of.

I still like to believe that I'm still part fangirl. It's dissolved as I have gotten older, just not completely. Not yet. 

And the thing is all these fandoms still hold a piece of me. To some degree I still like these books/fandoms, but I find it hard to get that excited about them like I once did.

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1)
Susanne Collins

Joined Fandom: 2011-2014

Who wasn't a tribute back in the day?

The OG Young Adult dystopia, that begun the boom of 2012.

I used to re-read these every year. EVERY. YEAR. I should do that again, once my TBR is back to what it was.

The Mortal Instruments (The Shadowhunter Chronicles #1)
Cassandra Clare

Joined Fandom: 2008- 2015-ish

This one is tricky, because it's not that I no longer love the books. But, as time has gone on I have just lost all motivation to talk to anyone who is a 'Shadowhunter'. Nor do I find myself indulging in fanfiction.

Yet, I still consider myself a Shadowhunter. It's weird?

My love for this fandom has completely dissipated since work on the TV show began. A part of me will always see Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower as Clary and Jace. 

And I find the TV show an insult- I just don't like it. I can't get past the first episode, Just no.

But, I will always reach for Cassie's book, there is just great comfort in them. 

Fun fact- if you couldn't tell already, my blog name is derived from the "City of XXX" format of each of the six books in the The Mortal Instrument series.

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)
Sarah J. Maas

Joined Fandom: 2013-2016


Here's the thing. I first read Throne of Glass back when it was first released with that typical YA blond girl in a dress cover. And I loved it. 

I even loved Queen of Shadows. And then Empire of Storms happened. And I'm kind of sick of her territorial fae males. They aren't romantic! And how things just seem to be a quick fix in her books.

I will probably finish the series, just because I want an end to all this. But, it needs to hurry-the-hell-up!

Sherlock (BBC Adaption)
Written by Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss

Joined Fandom: 2010-2017

Oh boy. I'm admitting this one. I still love the show. It's still one of my all time favourites, even with the complete meltdown on series 4.

Don't get me wrong- I still delve into Johnlock fanfiction. 

Yes, I am one of them. I am completely gutted that they didn't push the boundaries on this one and make Johnlock canon. That's my main complaint, apart from the poor writing and feeling the essence of what the show was way back in the day.

I get that shows need to change, but the format just never felt right.

Beautiful Creatures (The Caster Chronicles #1)
Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

Joined Fandom: 2013-2014

This was a very short lived fandom. I adored these books when I first read them back in 2013. The movie was coming out, and I was pumped. I actually still really loved the film, except how they changed basically everything.

Looking back, I still really liked the first book and the third and fourth. Just the Lena Duchannes was just an annoying motherf@!*er in book two.

Oh well- RIP.

What about you guys? Any that you can recognise as your past selves or is there another fandom that you used to let consume all your thinking time?

Let me know!


  1. I used to be a huge TMI fan... until book 4. I really think they shouldn't have added another 3 books to the series. I absolutely love TID though, and yeah, Lily and Jamie will always be my Clary and Jace <3

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Book 4 has always been my least favourite. But, I really enjoyed 5&6. I'm still gutted we never got any other movies with Jamie and Lily. Even though, it was crap it was better than the tv show.

  2. I only made it through book 1 of TOG but I have to say the series just doesn't seem wirth it these days.

    1. Definitely! I feel like she has been given to much lee-way with her writing for these lengthy books that just don't need to be that long. I don't think she has improved much either. She's just stuck.