April 25, 2018

Top 5 Wednesday| I'm Really a Hoarder

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It's only in the last year or so that I have rally worked on not hording the things that I don't particularly need... with a few exceptions. This is going to be a list of items that I currently own, did own (and want to rebuy) and ones that I am yet to own.

1. Signed Don Juan in Soho programme

I have DAVID TENNANT'S autograph- my idol! Signed at stage door on the final performance of DJiS. This is my most treasured 'fandom' item. 
The Tenth Doctor era of Doctor Who being the first fandom I was really apart of. 

2. Bill Weasley's Wand

It's been a while since I have made any mention to my favourite Weasley.
I haven't really had a massive desire to own any replica wand's, apart from Bill.
So if anyone would like to treat me for my birthday in June?

3. Jace's Mini Stele Keychain

This might just be the only merch I have left from The Mortal Instruments movie (2013?). It lights up still, although the keychain part may have broken off. I now keep it hidden in my small travelling suitcase as a good luck charm.

4. Evanescence jumper

A close second most listened band (number one being Linkin Park) is Evanescence. A life long fan, I got to see them for a second time last year at the Eventim Apollo for my birthday (as well as Don Juan in Soho). I bought this at the concert.

5. Oyster holder

In the London, UK, we use cards to pay for our public transport called Oyster Cards (for int'l readers).  The only time I get to use my card anymore is on the special occassion that I'm back home rather than at Uni, so I tend to spend a couple of quid and upgrade the average boring case to something that is a little more representative to the fandom side of me.

My current is the Van Gogh Tardis painting. 

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  1. I love all your choices! Bill has a super cool looking wand. And I need that oyster card case, I hadn't even thought of there being decorative sleeves to put them in. I just shove mine in my wallet which makes me now feel extremely boring haha