September 12, 2018

Top 5 Wednesday| Dear Lauren

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This week topic is for all those books that we have and read now, and wish we had to teach us a little lesson when we were younger. I thought to spin it a little bit and instead of just presenting five books and writing what I learned, but go on to write a little letter to the past self I wish I had them for. 

All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully.
Carrie Hope Fletcher


Dear 11-year-old Lauren,

A little piece of sunshine actually exists. Her name is Carrie Hope Fletcher and she'll one day teach you to be positive. Carrie won't start making videos yet for a little while, but she's out there. 
And when she appears, she'll give you a little pocket of the internet for a safe haven and make you fall in love with musicals that you will eventually get to see. 
16-year-old Lauren
I Was Born for This
Alice Oseman


Dear 14-year-old Lauren

Things are getting weird, aren't they? Mum keeps disappearing and Dad is getting more and more reliant on... things. You're getting confused and stressed and don't know who to turn to, but Fandoms will have your back. 
What Angel feels? And Jimmy? That anxiety? It'll be okay.  It'll always be there, but so will the people you meet through that TV show you've loved since you were six. Ignore the arseholes who say it's for kids or for nerds and geeks. You are those things. Ruddy own it.

20-year-old Lauren
City of Ghost (City of Ghost #2)
Victoria Schwab


Dear 8-year-old Lauren,

Victoria won't have even publisher her first novel yet. You won't know who she is until you're fourteen, and you ask a bookstore to order in a book all the way from the States. 
Already you are looking for books that a little bit dark and that little bit strange.  And I'm afraid A Series of Unfortunate Events is about as much of that as you're gonna get, at least, until you're a little bit older and the librarian lets you start taking books out that you really should be reading.

20-year-old Lauren
Nevernight (Nevernight Chronicles #1)
Jay Kristoff


Dear 15-year-old Lauren,

This book will change things for you. It'll give you confidence, it won't eradicate that specific set of anxiety you get when you ask for something. 

This story will speak to your sarcasm-loving-black-heart, just don't be too disappointed that you're not a bad-ass assassin seeking revenge. That doesn't happen in reality, you just have to leave that one to ol' Karma. She'll work her magic.

17-year-old Lauren
Neil Gaiman


Dear 13-year-old Lauren,

You just checked this one out of the library.
I'm sorry to say that you may as well as just hand it straight back because really its just going to be sat next to your pillow for the next two weeks, untouched.
Little do you know, this isn't the end though. You'll read this on audiobook. You'll fall in love with Neil Gaiman's ability to tell strange, odd stories. And you'll wish you could write things like that and you will! Although at this point, you've only written a few dozen short stories and 12k of a novel, but we'll get there.

19-year-old Lauren

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