September 30, 2019

Blogtober Announcement!

Hello! Welcome!
I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be taking part in Blogtober, this year.
The last few years I have participated in Blogmas, but this year, I am trying everything I can to get into that Autumn Spooky feeling. Ordinarily, I'd skip all the good Halloween has to offer so that I can get straight to the cheesy Hallmark films (much to my friend's annoyance).
Here's what I will be posting and when:

October 1st - October TBR
I am planning on reading the dark, creepy and autumnal-feeling books on my unread shelves throughout the month of October, so I will be sharing my TBR with you this month.

October 2nd - September Wrap-Up
This is where I share all the books I read in September, as well as highlighting the best movies and TV.

October 3rd - Spooky Review #1
Trying to keep some mystery alive during the month that

October 4th - #FirstLineFriday #1
Every Friday I will be sharing the first line from some of the creepy and dark books I have on my never-ending TBR pile. Can you guess what book it will be?

October 5th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather?: Hot Chocolate.
Delve deeper into some of the books I reach for when I need to soothe and comfort my anxious soul.

October 6th - Autumn Reading Routine
I'll be sharing some of the secrets to my (un)successful reading rate.

October 7th - September Book Haul
I am extremely privileged to be in a position to not only buy books, but also receive books from publishers. I'll be sharing what I got in September, and what I am looking forward to reviewing on my blog.

October 8th - Are you Ready for Sweater Weather? Pumpkin Carving.
Believe it or not, but I have always had other hobbies outside of running ACityofBooks. What else could these nimble fingers create? Guess you'll have to wait to find out.

October 9th - Guest Post
A Home in Pages' Favourite Fairy-tale.

October 10th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Falling Leaves.
Change, as much as I fight it, are an important part of growth and moving forward. I'll be sharing some changes that I am happy about.

October 11th - #FirstLineFriday #2

October 12th - Spooky Review #2

October 13th - Autumnal Book Covers
Do you ever just look at a book cover and think 'that'll be one for my Autumn TBR'? I, like the majority, judge books tenfold on their outward appearance. In-house graphic designers have upped their game, so it's on fair to share the book love and share some that I have loved recently.

October 14th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Pumpkin Spiced Latte.
I'll be sharing something I love, that others have judged me for.

October 15th - Spooky Review #3

October 16th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Bonfire Night.
I'll be listing all the things, great or small, that bring me an unmeasurable amount of joy.

October 17th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Fright Night. 
I'll be talking about a favourite scary movie.

October 18th - #FirstLineFriday #3

October 19th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Hallowe'en Candy.
In true Halloween fashion, I'll be sharing all of my favourite sweets that I used to get trick or treating.

October 20th - The Rise of Readathons
Is it just me, or does anyone feel like every day there are new readathons popping up? I'll be discussing some of my thoughts as to why this is, why I love readathons and sharing some of my favourites to participate in and ones I want to try out.

October 21st - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Scarves.
To quote the great Jenna Marbles:
I am constantly dressed like a 12-year-old boy.
But that doesn't mean I don't like accessories. I'll be sharing some must-haves that I love and cannot live without!

October 22nd - Spooky Review #4

October 23rd - Unnerving Book Covers
I'll be sharing some book covers that have set my spine-tingling over recent months.

October 24th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Fire.
On this chilling October night, I'll be cozying up in bed with this book or film through to burn my soul and ignite the flames.

October 25th - #FirstLineFriday #4

October 26th - TBR Dewey's 24hr Readathon
The Dewey's 24-hour readathon is my favourite bi-annual readathon. Check out this post to find out what I'll be reading on that day. If you want to know more, check out the website.

October 27th - Are You Ready for Sweater Weather? Toffee Apples.
Expectations Vs Reality is something that even readers and film fanatics experience, this post highlights some of the experiences I've had.

October 28th - Spooky Review #5

October 29th - How to Summon ACityofBooks 
Discover what five books you would need to place in a pentagram to summon me, ACityofBooks, into your library, front room or another abode of your choosing.

October 30th - The Halloween Book Tag
Creator @ Naomi Lemire

October 31st - October Wrap-Up
Did I read all the books in the TBR I set 30 days ago? Not even I can tell you that now.

Are you doing Blogtober? Comment and leave me a link and I'll be hoping whenever I can!

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  1. I mean, you can't beat a good Hallmark Christmas film! As soon as December comes round I basically have a Christmas film channel on 24/7.
    I can't wait for your posts - mostly because I am super nosy haha.
    Cora |