February 07, 2016

Arvon 2016| The Hurst

I'm back!

From one of the most life changing and most fantastic opportunities I will ever get. The experience to work with writers and gain advice on university and the industry.
If you haven't heard of Arvon it's basically: a charity organisation for writers. Offering opportunities for a week long residential series of workshops in a isolated, stress free and technological downfall of an environment.

I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy it. Being with the school and not really talking to many of the other students. But I had a great time. Meeting people I wouldn't normally associate with during school because I'm too shy and anti-social to speak to and learning a great deal about who I was as a person.

This is usually where I tell you what happened but a lot of it has become an inside joke to all sixteen of us... eighteen if you count Bernadine Evaristo and Dean Parkin.

I'm just glad to come back and find that no zombie apocalypse had occured. Gosh we all speculated to much, I blame Joelle Taylor for that 2am conversation.

I'm not going to divulge to much so lets just say, what happened in Clun(ge) stays in Clun(ge).


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