February 25, 2016

BOOK TAG| Library Lover's Book Tag

I was tagged by Kristi over at The Boston Book Reader. Not sure on who created this original tag.

So let's begin:
1. How often do you visit your local library?

Actually not that often. I used to when I was little but librarians and library fees have slowly stemmed to become a fully fledged fear. 

2. Are you the type of person who checks out more books than you know you can read or are you someone who only checks out the exact amount of books you intend on reading before they are due?

My library tends to have a strict policy of the amount of books we are allowed to borrow. I think the limit is three? I guess that answers the question?
I don't borrow more than I know I can read.

3. How old were you when you got your first library card?

I didn't get mine 'til I was about 7/8 years old. My family were never big on reading so I didn't know what one was until about that age.

4. Do you go to your library looking for a particular book or do you check out anything that peaks your interest?

The last time I was in there was without purpose. I think going to a library is a good way to deal with reading slumps. You sort of pick up a book that subconsciously your body craves-- well that's my thesis anyway.

5. Do you use your library to check out just books or do you also check out dvds, audiobooks etc.?

I've checked our DVD's for my younger siblings before? Not keen on audiobooks.

6. From what section of your library do you check out a majority of your books? ( YA, middle grade, adult, nonfiction.)

YA; Fantasy & Sci-Fi; Historical Fiction...yeah.

7. What is your favorite part of using your local library?

My favourite?
Well I've already mentioned my fear of librarians and fees, right? "No love loss there if you can believe it." [Mrs. Hudson; The Great Game; Sherlock]
Honestly, I think that they are a great way to introduce kids into reading from poorer backgrounds (like myself) because you don't need to pay anything (until you about my age) so it opens doors. There's not many places like that left.

Who I tag:

Okay, so I'm not really going to tag anyone so please, if you wish to take part than please do. It got me thinking about my library habits.

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