June 04, 2016

Quelling Your Emotions

Throughout my life, I have been an avid reader, granted there were periods in my life where I didn't read for whatever reason but, during my teenage years I've always been that person someone could ask to recommend a good book to. Which is how most of my friendships have been formed-- recommending books.

It wasn't until my later teen years that I thought of giving this blogging thing a go and speak to others who enjoyed reading as much as I did and discussing them. 

Before all that, I had a rather different introduction to the world of books, a better term for it seemingly would be the term"fangirl" because that is what I was. I fangirled over these book series, watching them grow in fandom number and see their film adaptations-- that's what my real introduction to the book community was. Sure, I read a couple of blogs and watched Booktubers like Jessethereader and Benjaminoftomes (I subbed when he was still in single figures!! Time has flown) but I never took notice of this whole side of the industry until I was in my final year at Secondary School and that's when I took interest and set up my own blog. 

ACityofBooks is a product of a year of trial and error-- even after that year, there was still yet a lot more of that trial and error in getting to this point where I feel happy at where I am.

I titled this post as "Quelling Your Emotions" for one simple reason. Because I realized something at 1am when I got a tweet back from Veronica Roth. Granted it wasn't anything major-- just about some Jolly Ranchers. But it was this- 

"You would think that all the times I email authors and meet authors-- have normal conversations with authors would desensitize me from getting all fangirl-y.Wrong!All it takes is one tweet back Cassandra Clare or Veronica Roth and I'm squealing like the mad idiot I am. It's that part of me that still remains a pre-teen reading these books and finding that amazing something about these novels, that I forget to realize that these people are human and read their mentions."

You see, that pre-teen fangirl is still a part of who I am and my nature. I get a little obsessive over things that I get into, I will research everything I could possibly know about that one thing. So when I do interact with those authors I spent so long idolising and not really seeing them as that person sat at a keyboard but rather as that robot who generates plots instead I freak out and get all squeaky because for that brief moment I'm existent to that person whom I cherish and admire their work.

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