July 13, 2016

REVIEW| Inherited

Inherited (The Curse of VIII #1)
Freedom Mathews

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Publication: July 12th, 2016

DISCLAIMER: I received an early e-arc of Inherited from Oftomes publishing. All opinions are my own.


If saying 'I love you' meant death, would you still say it?
The Wilted Rose, of faery-tale and folklore, is a pirate ship filled with unfortunate souls-each forbidden to love. One such soul is Valencia 'Lennie' Roux. Raised in a brothel and an heir to a curse; Lennie never expected to pique the interest of any man. Yet with the arrival of vivid-eyed Nathaniel, she is torn between wanting to know him better and fearing what that knowledge would mean.
With Nathaniel bringing the crew's total to six, the Wilted Rose sets off in search of the remaining two heirs. They hope that in reuniting, they will convince the faery Sorceress responsible for the curse, to end it. However lurking beneath the water is a long standing enemy of the Wilted Rose; who is determined to thwart their quest and bring down its leaders.
Together the eight heirs fight for survival, friendship and love.


If it is one thing that Oftomes does well it is a good book cover. I feel like more people should be buying the physical copies and support this micro publishing company. Kimy-- over at @WhoIsKimy on Twitter-- is better known as for her amazing photoshopped fanart that you probably have seen floating around the internet. It reminds me a lot of the covers for Truthwitch by Susan Dennard and we all know how much I luuuuuuuurv that book. Looks are forever deceiving.

Soo.... Uhh...


I was expecting something more. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it for its thesis but, it's execution was just lacking. I read it's prequel novella and fell in love with Freedom Mathews writing- that "legend"-like style of narrative. Inherited starts out in just the same fashion but then the style gets looser as the story progresses, it lost its appeal as I went on because it just wasn't consistent. One thing that played on my mind was often Mathews would use modern phrases like "banter" that just ruined the mood of the story. Modernized it too much for an older historical setting. What pirates have "banter"? Maybe, it's just me.

I will give it to Freedom Mathews. She does know how to create a god-character arc and development. At first, I really disliked Lennie, she just didn't appeal to me as a reader. But I grew to like her as the story progressed. As with many of the other characters.

If you are looking for a fantasy story that isn't heavily involved in romance then this certainly won't be for you. The whole story revolves around the concept of love curses. This was a book that I had to be in the mood to pick and actually finish anyone.


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