September 24, 2016

Books I Have Taken To Uni With Me!

As you are all aware I moved to Bangor, Wales on the 18th September in the attempt of my actually studying and pushing myself in the art of writing. And here I am, practically friendless and making it worse by how hard I am finding it to socialise. 

I am so socially awkward that Dan Howell looks like the most sociable man in Britain.

But, in the hopes of pretending that I am not alone, I thought I would share in the glory that is my minuscule bookshelf.

The first two on the list are both of the same series:

A Darker Shade of Magic, A Gathering of Shadows (A Darker

Shade of Magic #1&2)

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I bought these during my "Summer Holiday"- my copy of ADSOM is actually signed by Vee.

I asked her if she would write a little message in order to stop me procrastinating about everything. Which really is what I am doing by writing this post- procrastinating about making friends.

The Bone Clocks 
David Mitchell

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Currently, I am on page 262 out of 613 pages and I started this a long long while back. I thought it would be best if I brought it with me so I can finish it.
That hasn't worked so far.

But, at least it has made my shelf look nicer. Seriously.

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)
Sarah J. Maas

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Another one that I had started before I left but never finished because, I had so many other books to finish before I left otherwise I would have had to bring another 4 books.

Real not good.

No spoilers either please.

Caraval (Untitled #1)
Stephanie Garber

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I received an advanced readers copy of Caraval back in June,  and still haven't been able to pick it up and read it.

Of course, it had to come.

Out: 31st Jan, 2017

Elly Blake

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Another ones of those amazing ARC's that I have been sent by Hodder & Stoughton to review. I have no clue really about what his book is about but hopefully I'll get to find out soon and share all my new knowledge with you guise.

Garth Nix

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Mum bought me this for my 18th birthday after writing her a small list of books that were at the top of my radar in terms of what I wanted to read next.
So at least I got a small piece of mum with me.

Sort of.

The Miniaturist
Jessie Burton

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I bought this with me the last time I was in Wales on a writers retreat back in February. I only ended up reading 50 or so pages due to staying up way past our bedtimes in order to talk and get to know everybody.

Let's hope it doesn't sit on my shelf until I go back to London in July of 2017, aye?

Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Day #1)
Susan Ee

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I got a copy of this after winning a giveaway some point in the summer last year and like many others was never got to. Although, a couple months later my friend ended up buying me the whole trilogy for cheap in the The Works.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1)
Laini Taylor

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I read this some point last year and never did finish this trilogy despite what I thought of Laini's beautiful writing. I did try and start the third and final instalment this summer and just didn't understand where the story was at. So time for a reread.

This is all in prayers that I get this trilogy read and reviewed before Laini's new book is released next year in March. EEEEEK! I'm so excited.

Northern Lights (His Dark Materials #1)
Phillip Pullman

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This is another one that has been on my TBR in like forever; if it weren't for Georgina (*wink wink* Yeah, you!!) I probably would have left it on there for a little bit longer.

Also, let's all thank Ma seeing as she's the one who made the official purchase.

A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast (A Song of Ice and Fire #5.5)
George R.R Martin

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I had such determination to read ADWD but, GRRM has just left me in a waiting mood. Seriously, just write the god damn books. I don't like the thought of finishing this one and never getting the next. At least now it's suspended as there will always be one to read.

Fine. Fine. I'll read it okay?

The Sin Eater's Daughter (The Sin Eater's Daughter #1)
Melinda Salisbury

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Tried reading this one earlier this year and couldn't quite get into it. It was Karen over at ASimpleCupofTea that has made me want to give this another go.

Samantha Shannon seems to be a fan of the books as well so maybe?
The Lie Tree
Frances Hardinge

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Don't know a great deal about this one except that it won the Costa book awards for 2015...

So, there you go. All the book that I have taken with me. I will say that already since writing this post that I have gone and purchased four more books. FML, I am just book trash. Whoops.

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