October 28, 2016

REVIEW| Empire of Storms

Empire of Storm (Throne of Glass #5)
Sarah J. Maas

DISCLAIMER: I can't help it if there is mild spoilers, but if you're reading this and haven't even read the first book: WHY?!

I do have a review for the first book in the series, though-- Throne of Glass

No synopsis because minimal spoilers--  Find on Goodreads


The Cover:

Is it just me or does Celeana's face look a tad bit weird? (see what I'm trying to do here) 

I guess you could say it fits the ethereal and fantasy elements that Maas has got going on in the series.

I will say, I had no clue how to feel when I first saw this cover. I sort of went: oh. wow. okay then.

In the flesh I actually really like the colours- plus, have you seen the back cover yet?! ERGH! The beauty of such is simply blinding.

The Content:

So the reason behind me giving this book a three-star rating is because it didn't give me what I wanted as a sequel to Queen of Shadows. It still has the elements that make this a Sarah J. Maas book but, I just found myself unsatisfied by what I was given. 

I really do love Maas' female characters and how they all conquer their own brokeness and manage find strength in their being. However, Celeana (realize how careful I'm being right now) just seemed to have a constant split personality throughout this whole thing. She is either keeping a whole load of shit hidden til the last hundred pages where there is so much going on that no one can comprehend anything OR she is this love eyed hopeless, where we have these intimate moments. 

I wanted those "bants" that she would have with Dorian and the rest of the bunch, where she could be their friend. And that's just where the stagnant moments should have been. Showing the interaction between them and continue that relationship. It felt like the only interactions we got out of all the character where with whom Maas has plans to ship characters off with each other, maybe this was just me?

At points, I felt like magic just became expandable and infinite til again those last hundred and fifty or so pages where things became interesting and left me glued with the book to my hands. 


I saw it coming but not how it was presented. This is what has saved this from a one and two star of a review. And because of Manon. I always like Manon, she intrigued me even from her introduction to her way back in Heir of Fire. And now, she is BAE! Out of everyone, I am rooting for her in her little story line Maas has got going. 

I'm going to finish with this thought:

Often in a larger book series you will find that the books get larger as the author pulls out and expands his/her's world, which we can say about the Throne of Glass series. They have got massively bigger as Maas has more and more world to cover. 

But, often publisher will get a bit iffy with how much they edit down an author's work, depending on where they are in industry and how well their audience is already established. And I feel like we are slowly getting to the point where this is the case with Maas' books.

Does anyone feel this? Or, are you all just going to spam with hate, for the sheer thought of such a thing?

Because, as much as you think I am hating, I'm really not. I love what Sarah writes and am enthusiastic about her portrayal of women and the issues that we face.

*cough* periods *coughs*

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