December 30, 2016

New Books, New Resolutions| 2017?!

So, last year I wrote this post about some new bookish resolutions that I wanted to achieve. Recently I looked back at these and thought:-

Why not make myself look like a mug, again?

And here I am. Writing another set of trials to conquer during the aftermath of 2016.

*Cue the post-apocalyptic aftermath*

Wow. Positive! Good going. (Fine. I'll drop the sarcasm.)

Where should I start?

*looks at the pile of unread books*

 NO#1: Getting my physical TBR pile back down to one or two books. 

Out of all of these- that I am sharing with you guys- this one is the trickiest. I remember a time not that long ago that I would actually only ever buy a new book, maybe, once a month. A SINGLE BOOK. That said book would then be read and then the cycle began again.

And now I have, somehow, ended up with WAY too many books that I can't possibly read and will end up losing interest.

So from January 1st, 2017 I am only reading the books that are on my shelf until I get back to this single figure.

However, there is one "getting out of this one clause" because, there are certain books that will be coming out and I or my friend have already pre-ordered, that I know I will be reading as soon as they land on my door stop.... or mailing room.

Okay, maybe two, but what about all the books I might need for study purposes that are on my syllabus.

NO#2: Getting my NetGalley ratio up.

As I am writing this my reviewing ratio on NetGalley is currently at 10%.

Why am I sharing this disgusting and terrible news?

Because by shaming myself hopefully it will kick me into gear to reading some eARCs that I have skipped out on as well as, updating books that I have read.

A lot of the time it's just because I forget to then send it back my review to the publishers via the website. That's why it's so low.

Sorry NetGalley... and Publishers.

NO#3: Dedicating two hours a week to the blog.

I had this resolution last year. And somewhat stuck by it.

I did have some hit and miss times because of how sucky my life has always been. But now that I am settling into University life and seeing how much free time I do have. This seems viable and has been what I have been doing for the second part of last year.




NO#4: Read at least one hour in the morning and one hour before bed.

Seems simple enough, right?

I found that since being at university I have let youtube and tv take over my free time. As much as I love supporting such content it means that my TBR pile is suffering and so is my imagination.

I used to do this when I had to go to school every day. And still had time on public transport to get in a few extra chapters.

At Uni I tend to walk everywhere just because everything is in walking distance. As much as I do complain about it. So reading get's tossed aside because there is no way to read on my travels.


And there we have it. I tried to keep this as swift as possible. So, apologies for the rambling.

There are many more things that I am hoping to do in 2017. But, I thought I would try to keep this as short as possible.

Is anyone else going to try set themselves some bookish resolutions? Let me know. I find it very interesting to see how people try to push themselves and then to look back and see what difference have been made.

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