May 24, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday| Favourite Minor Characters

I used to do a series called Waiting on Wednesday.

That stopped. I felt guilty about talking about new books when I have a massive back catalogue of books to read and enjoy. As a reader, I want to reach for those books rather then buy more.

However, I've missed posting on Wednesdays. Knowing that when my reading is slow due to Uni, its okay because I have something to post.

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The Mime Order/ The Song Rising (The Bone Season series)
Samantha Shannon

Ogena-Maria is mentioned throughout all three books. And remains a rather minor character until the latest installment.

In The Song Rising, I think she has become more integral to the plot. Moving in between minor and side character.

I absolutely adore Ogena.  And her constant need to set fire to things. 


Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)
Marissa Meyer

Iko is an android that assists our main character, Cinder, in her mechanics shops. She longs to have a human body, and fawns over guys... quite a bit.

A Court of Thorns and Roses 
Sarah J. Maas


Maas' books aren't without their problems, but she sure does get her side and minor characters write. The character arc for Lucian is just everything. EVERYTHING.

I understand why people trash him. Or, overall dislike.

But his arc is what I lived for in ACOTAR, ACOMAF and ACOWAR.

Ilsa Flynn
This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity)
V.E. Schwab

Throughout This Savage Song, I was just enchanted about August's sister- Isla.

I wanted to know her story, who she was. She is an enigma. 

Plus the whole "Death God" thing that could be applied to her character. 

William "Bill" Weasley
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
J.K. Rowling

One thing that people should know about me is that my favourite Weasley is actually Bill. Followed shortly by Charlie. Ever since Goblet of Fire when he made his first appearance. 

And obviously as soon as I saw this topic, he was the first minor character I thought of.

His job is cursebreaker at Gringotts- how cool is that?! As well as, being laid back, funny and just all round cool. 

I just adore him. 

Enough said.

He has been portrayed twice in the Harry Potter films. Richard Fish was cast as Bill for the Egyptian family photograph in Prisoner of Azkaban and, again, by Domhnall Gleeson (About Time, Ex_Machina, and Frank).


  1. Totally agree with Lucien and Iko! Have you read Marissa's newest graphic novel series about Iko?

    1. I haven't read them yet. I definitely plan too.