December 02, 2017

BLOGMAS| Comfort Reading and What it Means to Me?

2017 is the year where I began referring to the term: Comfort Reading.

It began right at the beginning year, when I opened up an audible account and began listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I needed something that I was familiar with. Something that I could settle down with and know what was going to happen, at a point where I was suffering large spout of anxiety from not knowing what was going to happen to my family.

I tried to explain what comfort reading was to my flatmate, hello you, so I googled it to see if a definite definition had appeared online, and found nothing. The best I could get was to break it down to "comfort" and fix it to the act of reading.

The best way I could get it across is the act of rereading. To being blanketed by words that I have come across before, it is knowing why I love a character and just having that reconfirmed. Letting myself drift in and out of the story and not having to worry about missing a vital piece of plot- because, I already know!

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