December 25, 2017

BLOGMAS| Merry Christmas!

I put Merry Christmas in the title, but if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope that you have a wonderful Monday as we begin our final week of 2017.

I wasn't going to post, then thought 'fuck it'.

I'm going to keep this as short as I can but 2017 has been one hell of a year, am I right?

I'm ending this year worse than I started off.

I've lost many things this year. I've lost friends who I thought would be by my side til the end, I had to give up my cats, I've lost a home, my entire book collection and that's just the beginning.

As I say I've lost all these things, I've also gained a lot too. I've built confidence, met people who are amazing, befriended the funniest of people, learnt what makes me, well, me and I finally feel like we're at the turning point where things will get better, as I strive for better.

I'm spending Christmas on my own this year, partly my fault, and partly on the fault of others, so here is just my small message in the void: Merry Christmas! Let your loved ones know they are loved.

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