March 08, 2018

BLOG TOUR| The Bitter Twins

The Bitter Twins (The Winnowing Flame Trilogy #2)
Jen Williams

UK Release: 8th March, 2018
UK Publisher: Headline

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REVIEW| The Ninth Rain (Book One)

I received an early copy from Headline for an honest review.  You know if I had issues I would express all qualms. 


Usually I would post the synopsis for the book with a little disclaimer for spoilers. However I'm not going to do that. I don't want to give away anything about the ending of The Ninth Rain, nor where we start The Bitter Twins. That's better left for you to discover.

What I will say is that The Bitter Twins takes us back to the aftermath of the events of book one. Where stakes are high, a lot of questions are in need of answering and I just want to drink more wine than Tormalin- which, is a large feat to beat.

As much as I love reading these great big tomes, I get really restless as a reader. I could be absolutely sold to a story and bitterly attached to the characters but no matter what, I'll start getting frustrated and pick up another book.

The entire time I was reading this I was enthralled, engaged with the direction the author was taking it. I would read for 10 minutes between an assignment, put it down again and find an excuse to pick it straight back up again. I even stopped playing Dragon Age: Inquisition to read it! 

The plot, although thoroughly engaging, is a slow burn, but it is Williams' dialogue and characters that makes her books worth every moment you're invested.  Her characters are in a way family familiar. They're odd-balls that I wouldn't have any other way, as they go through their own personal journeys. We see how as the as the plot progresses, they to, change in a believable and justified manner. 

Dialogue is something I mentioned in my review for book one, the bar already set too high I thought it would be impossible to maintain it. Williams' obviously disagrees and surpass that bar I internally set.  The events of The Bitter Twins, is rather dark and hard to read, yet Williams' has found a balance with her characters' interactions and banter that keeps you reading. Lightening the mood without taking away from the events in those 600 pages. 

It is Williams' blend of traditional classic fantasy and sci-fi that pushes The Winnowing Trilogy into a grey zone that gives this book its edge. It's fantastically executed and just works!

Format: Paperback
RRP: £14.99



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