March 04, 2018

REVIEW| Unconventional

Maggie Harcourt

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Lexi Angelo has grown up helping her dad with his events business. She likes to stay behind the scenes, planning and organizing...until author Aidan Green - messy haired and annoyingly arrogant - arrives unannounced at the first event of the year. Then Lexi's life is thrown into disarray.

In a flurry of late-night conversations, mixed messages and butterflies, Lexi discovers that some things can't be planned. Things like falling in love...

The Cover

I can see what they have done with the cover design, paired using the blurb quote of "fans for Rainbow Rowell" being explicitly placed on the cover. It works so your eye travels along the path to see the title of the book, and then the next thing you register is the name of a bestselling author and so your hooked.

Also, it's like that trickery used by movie poster designers, to trick our brains into thinking that the thing being advertised is similar to another popular film that you might have liked.

Overall, pleasing colour scheme, clean cut lines and simple, graphic artwork working well to attract that audience it's targeted for.

The Content

This book was adorable. A book that I didn't think would have been my cup of tea, at all really, and it took me entirely by surprise. I would say that the marketing team got it precisely right- the UKYA's answer to Rainbow Rowell book.

The romance between Lexi and Aiden was adorable, and the play on the love to hate trope that really got my interest and left me gripping every page. The writing was accessible and I finished this in only a few hours during a read-a-thon.

Although this book was fast paced, I did feel there was a lack of substance. Which sometimes is something that we all need when we're reaching the cusp of  I read this purely for these reasons and still absolutely enjoyed it for what it was. A cute romance. And every fangirl reader's dream. Falling for the cute young guy who wrote your favourite book.

I found myself laughing out loud a few times and having a silly giggle, which is always how I prefer my YA contemporaries.

Also, if we could get more cameos of young-adult authors, I might read more contemporaries.

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