April 11, 2018

Top 5 Wednesday| My Bank Account is Crying

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly blog group that come together to discuss that weeks topic. The idea was first curated by the wonderful Lainey at GingerReadLainey and is now run by Samantha over on ThoughtsonTomes. 

If you wish to participate, either on your Blog or Booktube channel then, please, join the group on Goodreads for all the relevant topics.

This week we are talking about authors who we automatically keep buying and shoving on our shelves. 

Victoria Schwab

The only reason I haven't pre-ordered Schwab's new middle grade City of Ghosts yet is because I can't find out whether it is being published in the UK. Also, I was going to wait until I move into the flat because it comes out before I go back to Uni.

Laini Taylor

I might have already pre-ordered Muse of Nightmares with the flat address I'm living in, in third year.  Laini Taylor could charge me to read her shopping lists and I would pay every penny.

Samantha Shannon

Samantha has grown as an author, she's continually show evidence of improving her craft and I have loved every moment I have been on this journey.

Erin Morgernstern

The Night Circus is one of my all time favourite books. Not quite Top 5, but Top 7. That doesn't mean I don't love it any less than the other 6. I know that Erin has recentyly handed in a final draft of a new book, so hopefully I get to buy every edition going in the years to come.

Susan Dennard

I absolutely adore all of Sooz's books that have so far been published. I wish that her debut was and would be published in the UK so more people could have easier access all of her books. If you haven't picked up Truthwitch yet, stop hesitating.

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