June 14, 2018

Don't You Own Anything Else?

Calling this post 'Don't you own anything else?' because when I saw this suggestion from @_rebeccastobart, on Twitter, I couldn't help but see that the only thing I really own, are books. The original suggestion was to name twenty-five things that are in you room... only I don't own much and could only stretch it to fifteen without presenting books that are more valuable than I care to admit.
Hopefully this helps you get to know me a little bit more personally!

No #1:
This is a quote from Victoria Schwab. Not from her books, but one she frequently tweets out when she's in the process of drafting. At lot of my own writing process has been influenced by V's advice.
I keep it up for a reminder when I'm stressing about my deadlines.
I'm not writing a book, I'm writing a chapter.
I'm not writing a chapter, I'm writing a page.
I'm not writing a page, I'm writing a line.
No #2:
My impressive, not so impressive, badge collection. Or, buttons, if you're from the States.

These comes from multiple events, YALC, and publicist packages.

My favourite?
The Windwitch, Book of Dust and The Bone Season ones.

No #3:
I have had the same hot water bottle since I was eight-years-old. To the left is that said hot water bottle, in its Eeyore cover.

My biggest memory is having a stomach ache, laying in bed with a warm Eeyore and watching my favourite episodes of Doctor Who.

At the age of twenty, nothing has changed. Seriously.
No #4:
At the point of taking these pictures I had dying daffodils in my room. I always go through several batches during the March/April point in the year. Budding daffs are my favourite flowers, as well as the poppy flower.

They aren't overly floral, so they don't overtake my air fresheners. They, somehow, don't set my hay-fever off either.

No #5:
You're about to discover my unhealthy obsession with the smell of lavender. In all it's forms.

This year, that's September to June, I have gone through 4 bottle of this air freshener.

It says it last for up to 6 weeks, but it will go on longer. I just need to pop it up somewhere and leave it. Every time I enter my room I get hit by the scent.

It keeps a calming ambiance to my room, as I get stressed over things such as upcoming deadlines and the fact I don't have an idea until its 24hours until said deadline.

No #6:
This is one for the price of two... that didn't make sense.

This counts as two things.

The first are my pots of Sleepy body lotion from Lush. And guess what. It's lavender. I suffer from really bad insomnia to the point my sleep pattern can flip entirely to the point of nocturnal living. This stuff is the bee's fucking knees in terms of knocking me out at night.

No #7
The second is my Hydromol cream. This is just to help keep my psoriasis flares down.

No #8:
In my room at Halls we get given a push pin board. That's where my badges are strung up, as well as a selection of photographs.

From top to botton, my mum and I at a meet and greet for Evanescence, me at Samantha Shannon and Victoria Schwab's event last August and me and Victoria at YALC 2017.

No #9:
Very recently I aquired a TV and Xbox 360 in my room. And the only game I have with me at Uni is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which is fair enough, because I absolutely love it.

No 10:
There are a fair few here that I would like to highlight.

The jar is my penny collector, 1p, 2p and 5p get put in there so that I can cash them in at the end of the year for either emergency funds or a fun trip to the arcades. Usually as emergency funds.

No #11:
That is then holding up my multiple text books and writing journals. I own more notebooks than what should be okay to.

No #12:
This, other than my Eeyore, could be my only soft toy that I have from my childhood.

This was a gift from my Nan, she had this ginger cat  when I was a kid, which I would always say looked like her cat at the time- Ginga. One year for my birthday she bought me an identical one.

For some reason the theme park Chessington is attatched to this memory?
No #13: 

This is my one and only Funko Pop!

Are you surprised that it's the Series 2 Doomsday Doctor? If you were than I too am surprised.

I stand by the notion that the Russell T Davies era of Who remains one the best era of the BBC, as well as one of the best comebacks for a television show. (*hides in the corner waiting for some bald bloke is his fifties to show up and shout that I'm just a stupid kid who doesn't know what quality tv looks like even if it punched me on the nose*)

If anyone would like to just give me a Jaime Lannister, or sell it to me for a decent price (and not the £45 people are asking for on Ebay).... JK.

I think?

No #14:

Another gift from my Nan. This is where I keep the folded strips of paper, with the title of unread books and my earrings that I've started wearing again.

It's mostly just there for decorative purposes, as I love the artist- Anne Stokes.

No #15:

My tarot deck.
The same artist as who designed the art piece on my box.
I use these every now and again to freak out people when they come out as pretty accurate about someone's situation. They also have helped me make some choices about difficult spots I've had to face in the past few months.

And that's all there is really. I live quite minimally just because of the fact I have to keep moving back and forth from London to North Wales via a train. I'd love to see some more people do this! (Only if they're comfortable to do it!!)

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