July 16, 2018

REVIEW| The Charmed Life of Alex Moore

The Charmed Life of Alex Moore
Molly Flatt

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UK Publisher: PanMacmillan
UK Release Date: May 3rd, 2018


There are success stories – and there are true stories

How would you feel if everything in your life suddenly started to go . . . right? Six months ago, Alex Moore was stuck in a dead-end job, feeling her potential quietly slip away. Then, seemingly overnight, she launched her dream start-up and became one of London's fastest rising tech stars. At thirty-one, her life has just begun. But Alex’s transformation isn’t easy for those around her. Her friends are struggling to accept her rapid success, her parents worry she’s burning out and her fiancé is getting cold feet.

Then weird things start to happen. Muggings, stalkers – even a wild claim that she murdered a stranger. But when Alex visits the Orkney Islands to recharge, weird turns into WTF. Because there she discovers the world’s oldest secret – and it’s a secret that Alex’s stratospheric rise has royally messed up.


I want to label this book as literary fiction (I know, I HATE that label) with a taster of contemporary fantasy and magical realism.  I had no prior knowledge about this book until it turned up in the mail room with a press release attached.

I thoroughly enjoyed the emotional journey that Alex Moore goes on. This journey of self-discovery was what kept me going when the plot began to lose me. But the thing is, I can't quite put a finger on what it was about the plot that didn't quite enrapture me, it was lacking something. It had the weird, quirky element that usually I would find myself writing at my desk at uni and loving - so WHY AM I NOT IN LOVE WITH IT?!

Something else I didn't gel with was the ending, at all. It could have had 300 words cut from the ending and I would have left me more satisfied that slightly open-ended (is that a spoiler?) paragraph that felt like it came out from nowhere. It just left me frustrated!

I believe that this could have received a higher rating if the synopsis had made mention to the fantastical elements, and I had that level of expectation there. I think 3 stars accurately represents the emotional journey I went on, whilst this remains a solid debut.


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