September 20, 2018

My Bookish Buzzwords

I remember seeing this a while back in the Booktube community, and thought it was an interesting idea. I always seem to spot little trends of tropes or character archetypes that I will always latch onto, knowing I'm going to have a great time in that world, and I thought that this was a brilliant way to share those with you.

As you might guess from some of these, I tend to reach for Fantasy over Sci-fi.

1. "Dragons"

Got a book with dragons in it? Hit me up! I'll get emotionally attached, hate myself and cry over the beautiful, intelligent creatures. It's always a fun time.

However, I'm not really into the shape-shifter dragon type that I've seen pop up. I want Daenarys and Drogon; Lawrence and Temeraire; Manon and Abraxos - rider and their dragons.

2. "Assassin"

That tired ass character archetype? That's the one! Bonus points if their anything like Mia Covere from Jay Kristoff's Nevernight.

3. "Morally ambiguous"

I want the grey zone. 50 shades of grey, without the bad representation of BDSM and, let's face it, Christian Grey. I want to route for people that do bad things, that are capable of doing good things and are just people!

4. "Narrated by David Tennant"

I am a trash. Put me in the rubbish bin and set me on fire (but, you know, don't actually do that). I've read most of Cressida Cowell's books, because Tennant narrates the audiobooks. I seem to be constantly relistening to the BBC Audios from his era as the 900-year-old Gallifrayen. I describe his voice as a warm tartan blanket I refuse to let go.

5. "Hate-to-Love"

This is one that really feeds my soul, or at least I think it will when I pick up the book and then realism that it isn't real hate-to-love and just a weak imitation.

If you have any recommendations for these buzz words, let me know!

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