October 29, 2018

REVIEW| Goodbye, Perfect

Goodbye, Perfect
Sara Barnard

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UK Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
UK Release DateFebruary 8th, 2018


When I was wild, you were steady . . .
Now you are wild - what am I? 

Eden McKinley knows she can’t count on much in this world, but she can depend on Bonnie, her solid, steady, straight-A best friend. So it’s a complete shock when, five days before the start of their GCSEs, Bonnie runs away with a guy Eden knows nothing about. And it's the last person she would ever have expected.

As the days pass, and her world begins to unravel, Eden is forced to question everything she thought she knew about her best friend and herself.


What I admire most about Sara Barnard's books is that they tackle topics that I've not really come across in YA and tell it in the most realistic way possible. They're raw and are tied in many complications that closely replicate the lives of young people across the UK, if not in other places too. Goodbye, Perfect is not any different.

Barnard's choice in her perspective of Eden lent a hand to break down the romanticization of teacher and student relationships. She's the outsider looking in, pulled in by the coerced decision of her best-friend that tests how far a teen is willing to go to blindly support their best friend.

I really appreciated the family dynamic and exploring what it means to be adopted. Those fears, the problems faced, the emotions that can occur if there is already existing family dynamic (Eden has an older adoptive sister). 

I appreciated what this book is doing, and the need to do it, however, I just wasn't emotionally tied to the story unlike I have been with Barnard's other two novels. The pacing slowed a little bit in the middle and overall I felt rather frustrated with Eden's conflicts. 


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