October 31, 2018

Top 5 Wednesday| Characters You'd Like to Cosplay

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Cosplay and Halloween have certainly come hand in hand with one another as time has progressed. This week we're celebrating that by talking about the top 5 characters we would love to dress up as.

1. Sarai
Strange the Dreamer
Laini Taylor


Who doesn't want to cover themselves in blue? 
I am absolutely in love with Laini Taylor's world and characters, how could I not want to cosplay?

2. Mia Covere
Jay Kristoff


I just want to be a badass for just one night. 

3. Moist Von Lipwig
Going Postal
Terry Pratchett


Moist Von Lipwig is up there with one of my favourite Pratchett characters, Death only just beating him. 
I'd love to dress head to toe in gold and deliver people some letters. That sound like something drunk me would have a lot of fun with.

4. Lila Bard
A Darker Shade of Magic
V.E. Schwab


Please just let me live out my coat and badass fantasies in peace?

5. Coraline
Neil Gaiman


To dress up as Coraline, you would have to go with the iconic blue hair and yellow coat that was given to us by the film team behind the movie. I think she would be fitting to dress up as around Halloween too. 

On that note, did anyone see Sharon Needles' (Drag Queen) Other Mother look? I'm obsessed.

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