December 04, 2018

BLOGMAS| The Abandoned Hospital

This year is my final year as a student at Bangor University. It's one tinged with sheer happiness, but also a lot of sadness. That being said, I am trying to make the most of being in Wales as much as I can, even though I would rather be back home with my home comforts (better transport, West-End theatre and things to do).

This weekend was a Secret Adventure Society meet-up to an abandoned hospital and a hike through a nature trail.  This was the first time I've done this since the writing retreat in Year 13, and am gutted that I only learned about this society in the second half of my second year of University through a mutual friend. 

There were a few buildings that seemed to keep looping to one central room, with some in a better condition than others. One thought that kept coming back was: Where was this hospital when I needed it during my exam portfolio during GCSE Photography? This was the exact thing I wanted to photograph for my final piece but was made to focus on eroding textures.

Funnily enough, I wasn't going to go. Usually, my flatmate and I have to rally each other to get up and do whatever it is we need to do. Yes, it's a very flawed system. 

But she didn't get up to go like she said she would. I'm both glad and sad she didn't come. It would have been even more fun, but it just means that we get to do it again in our own time. 

The previous day, we had been to Horror Society and spent the evening watching The Others (which resulted in another awkward moment when Christopher Eccleston showed up) and The Ring.

I freaked out my friend with some of the photo's that I was taking of him. Often his face was blurred out, which if you haven't seen The Ring is something happens in the film.

We then took a detour down to the Afon Cegin (which is a river that runs into the Menai Strait).

We found a trolley. Yeah, that happened. 

I tried to capture the sun on the water, but it didn't turn out very good. 

I'm really surprised by how little I hurt the day after. Maybe it's the daily trips up the largest hill in Bangor. Like how did I do this three-hour trip and manage to go out to Spoons after? And then to Academi until 3AM? 

Will I be going t0 the next secret adventure? Heck yeah! This was awesome, and I don't think everyone will let me miss the next one either. Hopefully, we can get something planned for the new year, due to next weekend is the Christmas Potluck and the weekend after then we will be on our way back home for the holidays.

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