February 20, 2019

Top 5 Wednesday| "But I love you!"

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"But I love You!" 
Taken from a snippet of dialogue in the song 'I Say No' (Heathers the Musical, 2019), I thought that it was interesting that this track dropped the same week as this Top 5 Wednesday.  A song where the main protagonist, Veronica Sawyer, ultimately deciedes to pull the plug on her relationship with JD.

And with that little trivia, I'm starting with:

Jason Dean
Heathers the Musical

This is a strange one. It's between choosing Film JD and Musical JD, and have decieded on Jamie Muscato's portrayal of JD in the West End production of Heathers the Musical. That got confusing. 
Showing some rather psychotic behaviors, it would be wrong of me to assume that I would pick up and escape earlier on.  But, girl, what you doin'? Run. 
Shadow and Bone


I don't really have a problem with Mal. I think my 'issue' stems from wanting Dark Alina, which wasn't really ever to happen, and that Mal somehow is the closest I've come across to an actual teenage boy. 
Peter Kavinsky
P.S. I Still Love You


Don't get me wrong, I still love Peter K, however, I rather disliked the way his character developed in the second book of the To All the Boys I Loved Before trilogy.  He kept hiding stuff and sneaking about during his relationship with Lara Jean. That's just a big no-no. Sorry, not sorry. 
The Cruel Prince


Yeah, wouldn't trust him as far as I could spit. Especially what he did with my homegirl, Jude.  



I barely remember Scarlet, due to reading it so long ago, however, from what I remember Scarlet and Wolf's relationship made me rather uncomfortable. I understand Wolf was... you know, part wolf, but he was rather too predatory and over-bearing for my liking. Then again, we're all different. 

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