February 06, 2019

Top 5 Wednesday| Nostalgic Ships

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5. Rose x Dimitri
Vampire Academy


These books are definitely a product of their time (although, I still think fondly of them). Rose and Dimitri were one of the first ships I remember enjoying because of their taboo - the teacher/student relationship that played out throughout the books. They're still one of my favourite pairings - to the point where I still read through fanfiction when I need comfort.
4. Dorian x Celaena
Throne of Glass


This was when the book first came out in 2012 and so none of us knew who Celaena would become. I have no idea why I shipped them? But I remember holding onto this one during Crown of Midnight. 

3. Peeta x Katniss
The Hunger Games


The first book that I was part of fandom with, and my first proper array into the world of fanfiction (did you know Cato and Katniss used to be a semi-popular pairing?) I still really like this pairing, more so than Gale and Katniss. 

2. Rich x Grace

If you were a teen in the UK during 2007-2011, you might be familiar with this show.
I will always fight that the first generation characters are the superior generation and that the final (and third) generation just didn't have the same shine as the first two. However, my favourite pairing comes from the final generation. I'm still bitter about what happens during S6 - but spoilers. 

1. Nine/Ten x Rose
Doctor Who

Oh, come on! You KNEW this was coming. This is the first ship I ever remember. EVER. Even fourteen years on, they still get my heart fluttering and filtering through thousands of fanfic just to satisfy my craving of this pairing. I don't think I will ever forgive Russell T Davies for the beach scene in Doomsday. 


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    1. Honestly a constant mood; I'm almost out of fanfiction for this pairing.