July 22, 2019

Mid-Year Freakout Tag 2019

This year has been a little slow on the blogging front, as we could all have all surmised from my two-month hiatus, and then the slow dribble of monthly wrap-ups. I promise I am working on catching up with book reviews and fresh content, but at the moment, it is all about finding a job, graduating and working out a new pace. I'm almost there.

Thank you to the original creators of this tag: ReadLikeWildfire and Earl Grey Books
1. Best book you've read so far in 2018?
Other Words for Smoke
Sarah Maria Griffin

Reading one book in a single sitting in near-on impossible for me to do, but with Other Words for Smoke, I pretty much sat for six hours and read cover to cover.
I still am due to write my review,

2. Best sequel you've read so far in 2018?

Ravencry (Raven's Mark #2)
Ed McDonald

I think this might actually be the only sequel I have read this year, so by default, it is the best.

That being said, it was a fantastic sequel and a real ride.

3. New release you haven't read yet, but want to?
The Poison Song (The Winnowing Flame #3)
Jen Williams

I love this trilogy with all my heart, which I think plays a massive part in the picking up required to read this one, as well as the constant lack of time or moments of being left alone for long enough to read more than a page. 

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of 2018?
Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicles #3)
Jay Kristoff


5. Biggest disappointed?
The Electrical Venus
Julie Mayhew

I don't know what I had expected when I read this one, but I felt like I wasn't entirely convinced by the romance, nor did I greatly connect with any of the characters. It was enjoyable, but perhaps just wasn't for me.

6. Biggest surprise?

Hotel World
Ali Smith

I got recommended to read this one when I first began my venture to writing my dissertation. I'm not one for 'literary' fiction like this, so when I fell in love with the experimental elements and how Ali Smith approached the homeless narrative - I fell in love!

7. Favourite new author?

All The Lonely People
David Owen

I haven't read a lot of sequels this year, and with that, not a lot of new-to-me authors either. 

David Owen is one that I have heard around the UKYA community and his The Fallen Children (that perhaps one day will fall into my possession), so when the offer to come up to read and review his next release came up, I jumped at the opportunity. I can't wait to read his past books, and what his wonderful mind will come up with next.

8. Newest fictional crush?

The Dark Vault (The Achieved #1-2.5)

“Wesley Ayers is the stranger in the halls of the Coronado. He is the Keeper in the garden who shares my secret. He is the boy who reads me books. He is the one who teaches me how to touch.” 
Wesley isn't technically a new character that I came across, seeing as I read these books when they first were published in the US, however, Wes is just the kind of boy I would have been head over heels with a crush on growing up. Can't believe I didn't realise how much I loved him until I'm just slightly too old to have a crush on him.  

9. Newest favourite character?

Ravencry (Raven's Mark #2)
Ed McDonald

When coming up with an answer to this question, the first response was to ask myself: who didn't I get to see enough of? And to that my brain instantly reached for Valiya, from Ravencry.

I hope that she's a character in Crowfall because she's incredibly smart, kind and all levels of brilliance.

10. A book that made you cry:

Being Miss Nobody

Tamsin Winter

Cry? No.
Tear up? Yes.

11. A book that made you happy:
Heartstopper: Vol 1
Alice Oseman

Adorable cute illustration style, Charlie and Nick's story has always warmed my icy heart. Knowing that this story is now out there in a printed format has almost, and I repeat, almost, defrosted my heart.

12. Favourite book to movie adaptation?
Good Omens
Dir.  Douglas Mackinnon

I feel like I have been waiting years for this adaptation, so I can only sympathize with readers who have waited since the book was originally released.
All I have to say is: it was as perfect as an adaptation could be.  

13. Favourite review you've written this year?
All The Lonely People
David Owen

I wrote this review for the blog tour right at the beginning of the year. Here is the link.

14. Favourite beautiful book you have bought so far?
The Priory of the Orange Tree
Samantha Shannon
The City in the Middle of the Night
Charlie Jane Anders

15. What books do you need to read before the end of the year?
All of them?

The Priory of the Orange Tree
Samantha Shannon

A Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow
George R.R. Martin

A Storm of Swords is a complete reread for me, but after Season 8, I needed to cleanse my pallet and remind myself as to why I love the world of Westeros so much.
I will not be tagging anyone, as it has become a staple on my blog. 

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