July 01, 2019

Wrap-Up| April 2019

Expect an influx of blog posts, everyone, I just got reattached to my life source - the internet. As explained in the last blog post, I tried catching up after having some time away to complete my degree. However, things got weird and exciting, which resulted in limited access to the internet (which meant plenty of trips to my Nan's and the library).

But I am back. Or as back as I can be whilst looking, and hoping that I am good enough, for my first graduate job. I'm thrilled to be at this point in my life, but it is wholly terrifying!

  Other Words for Smoke
  Sarah Maria Griffin
  My thoughts:
  I am yet to write a review for this one, but every time I do, I can't seem to fathom my love into words that can sum this one up. Sarah's writing is a soul journey that I just couldn't get enough of, and her characters whispered to my heart in a way that is indescribable. 

  All That She Can See
  Carrie Hope Fletcher
  My thoughts:
  There is a great deal of charm to Carrie Hope Fletcher's fiction books that seems to keep grabbing me back for more.

  Black Venus
  Angela Carter
  My thoughts:
  I can't seem to quite grasp my feelings on this collection of Carter short stories. I think nothing will quite impress the way her Bloody Chamber collection will, but these were still an interesting read and reimaginings surrounding historical figures, both real and literary.
  Game of Thrones
  Dir. David Nutter, Michael S, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

  April gave us the long-awaited the beginning to the conclusion to the Game of Thrones franchise. It shouldn't come to no surprise that I am a massive fan of both the show and the book series, as I have mentioned them plenty of times. 
The final week leading to episode 1 airing was a bittersweet one. It was the last time that I would feel that anxious zeal of unknowing where the story would take me or the length of time that I could spend spewing mad theories. And I think that is what I am going to miss most. Since I am writing this in June, it means that I know what happens and have feelings of how the series concluded; but I will hold onto these until I finish a post I started after episode 5 aired. All I'm going to say is hurry up George, I have never need a book written faster.
Starter for 10  
Dir. Tom Vaughan  

I think this is one of the very few Benedict Cumberbatch films that I had not seen until recently. I was searching my Amazon Prime account and discovered that it had been added to their selection of films, and so, I curled myself into my blankets and pressed play.
It definitely felt dated and hasn't aged well, but I found that was part of its charm. 
  Dir. Anna Dakoza

  Special is an 8-part Netflix comedy, written and starring Ryan O'Connell. I feel like this one hasn't been spoken about nearly half as much as it should have been because I thought it was fantastic! As well as incredibly important and hilarious.
It deals with a gay man who is living with cerebral palsy and the qualms of feeling like your disability are misunderstood which leads to the protagonist lying about what it is that causes his limp. Funny, heartwarming and an integral first step to seeing more stories like this in mainstream media.
Not to sound like I'm exaggerating, but April might have been one of the most stressful months of my life. One thing for sure, I have written my dissertation and pushed it to be the best it could have been within the time frame that I had to work within. My project, which centered on homelessness, was the hardest thing I had to ever write. Not because it was ten-thousand words, or because I lost momentum, but because the story of Pen was one of the most personal things I ever had to write. 
Because it showed a lot of personal emotions and ideas towards how it feels to be homeless. My family and I have all been through that and have on-and-off spent the last five years trying to find our footing again. 
A couple of weeks ago (at the point of editing, we are now talking months) I sent out a tweet about receiving the best personal news of my life. I tweeted about it and said how much I wish I could shout about it from the rooftops, yet never truly elaborated by what I meant. 
What is this news? 
We have found our footing, right back onto London concrete and we have never been so happy. 
After being evicted from our temporary accommodation, which resulted in having to give up my cats and losing my entire book collection, moving from one-bedroom flat to one-bedroom flat, s0fa to sofa, none of which were ours.
It might not be the most exciting news in the world, or particularly bookish, but it means I have somewhere we can start again. Rebuild ourselves. 

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