August 26, 2019

MCM Blogger Brunch

This is coming four months too late, but I want to share, regardless of how long ago it was. Thank you to Jamie-Lee at Tor and Quirk books for organizing this incredible event. I had so much fun! Here's to another soon?

When I got the invitation, I was casually laying on the sofa with my flatmate. I knew that Susan Dennard was coming to the UK, and had known for a little while, but knew that I put it out of mind thinking that there was no way I could make the time for it, nor have anywhere to stay. Luckily enough, things changed when my mum rang me up bearing some fantastic news - you can find out more about that here.

I always get so nervous traveling to events like this. I instantly clam up and suddenly have no recollection as to how to chat with other bloggers. It didn't help that this was the first event I had been invited to and that I could go to, in just over a year!

As you can see by my self-conscious selfie, I was thrilled at getting
my industry pass.
I am rubbish at these events. I either recognize no-one and feel like an idiot, or recognize everyone, but feel like a fool when I go up to someone and say "Hey, are you X?"
I almost always feel like I don't belong there, but then get swept up by the fact that everyone I meet is welcoming and chatty and love books just as much as I do.

I suck at selfies with people. Thank you, Susan, for taking a
moment of your time to talk to me and snap this picture.
I said this before in the post, but I got to the point, where I never thought I would get to be in the same country, let alone the same table as Susan.

I must have sounded like a babbling mumbling mess.

Truthwitch has a history with ACityofBooks, in that I was in the original street team not long after I had decided I wanted to commit to blogging. If you flip to the back on the UK paperback of Truthwitch, the UK hardback, and paperback of Windwitch, you will find, among so many amazing people, my name. Which is bizarre when my local libraries have copies (whoops?)
Susan's little note in my copy of Bloodwitch. I like to take it off
my shelf and read it every now and again.

I didn't see what Susan wrote in my copy of Bloodwitch until I was on the DLR back home. And let me tell you, there were tears, quite a few.
From Left to Right: Ashley Posten, Zen Cho, Susan Dennard, Jodi
Taylor, Kristina Perez 

I spent the majority of the rest of my day on the Con floor. I love buying artwork and supporting small artists - even if, I am yet to find places to display. I did go to see one panel to hear some of the amazing authors who I got to meet, talk about women (at least those in fiction that identify as women).

Jamie-Lee put together a fantastic array of goodies for all of us. Each chair was taken up by a black comic con bag, full to the brim of books and bookmarks. You can find out more details to what I got in my May book haul, here.

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