October 08, 2019

Blogtober | Are You Ready for Sweater Weather?: Pumpkin Carving


If you don't know what this is, or what I'm doing, I'd recommend hopping over to my first blog post, here, where I tell you more about the creator of the tag. As well as what the hell I am doing with it.
Today I will be responding to the second question.

2. Pumpkin Carving - what is your favourite creative outlet?

Growing up, I used to have 1001 different creative outlets. I know how to knit, cross-stitch, crochet, make charms with Polymer Clay, write, draw, sew, anything that I could put my mind and hands to, I did... Then my A-levels came along. I had to stop to focus all my time and energy on creating content for this website and getting passing grades, during a time I was facing homelessness.
This carried on way into my degree. In fact, it wasn't until January that I made the sudden realization that I missed these other creative outlets. By that point, I was two and a half years into my degree and three since I had carved something physically into the world (electrical only submissions suck, even if I am saving the trees). The feeling of crafting something with my fingers, watching whatever repeats were on Dave (a UK TV channel) and feeling the satisfaction that having a product in my hands was because I had done it. So I made a junk journal.
I have been slowly documenting my University experience through
scraps and artistic expression since January.
I can hear the cries echoing already. Why? Because I took a rather beautiful copy of a Charles Dickens book I had found in my local Charity shops, cut it up and rebound it with scrapbook pages. It was worth it. I'd do it again.
My only goal was to create something I could look back at after University and remember that despite some really crappy starts - I met some of the most incredible people and did the most incredible things.
My number one creative outlet is writing. So this made sense. I mean I did a whole degree, and now run an entire blog writing about other people's writing. However, one type of writing is not all types of writing. Blogging has been a great outlet for me since graduating, but it's not the same as coming up with another world, creating whole people and then inserting them into scenarios of conflict and resolution.
Currently the cover page of my strange little zine.
I've mentioned this in brief passing online, but let me give you a little confession: I haven't written anything in the 'creative' realm of fiction since I handed in my final portfolio since May. I've been terrified too. I reached a creative burnout, struggled with settling back home, and then never knew quite where to start.
I remember being introduced to Zines when I was doing my Graphic Design and Photography A-Levels. Someone that I was friends with used to make beautiful ones, and still does (ginabakershop - you should check it out if zines interest you) and I dabbled. Yet, it wasn't until I saw the author, Sarah Maria Griffin, tweeting about making her own and reading about why she loves them, did I think that was something I could do.
It's been a slow process of relearning, and cringing at every sentence a past me wrote, but I'm loving this moment of feeling like this is a little piece of me. For me.
Thanks for reading!
Do you do anything outside of reading, or running a blog? I honestly would love to hear about it! Seeing other people get creative, really gets my ideas going - I'm that one at a party asking hypotheticals.

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