October 06, 2019

Blogtober | My Reading Routine

Thinking back, I've always had a semblance of a reading routine. Whether that was Mum and I reading together and filling in a reading journal for school; spending my lunchtime in the library; reading for an hour after I wake up, or an hour before going to sleep at University. So when I came back home, my reading suffered because of having to readjust to not being completely in control over when I am needed around the house.  This left me feeling a little lost and unmotivated to pick up a novel. My routine no longer worked and I had to find something that could.

So what is it? What is my current reading routine?

Well...  I'm still trying to figure it out. The one thing that moving back home has taught me is this is something that I think I will always be adapting as my life progresses into the next stages.

I'll usually Snapchat my friends during my first
cup of tea of the day. 
I have always been a night owl. Always. My ability to become nocturnal in a heartbeat is unsettling, but it's there. Moving back home has helped in grounding a decent bedtime hour, as well as situating myself into a semblance of a 9am - 6pm job. In that time I am scouring the job sites, responding to emails, heading off to job interviews and completing any chores that need doing. Reading is off the table!

By 6pm, dinner has been given the green light. Time to relax. Which surprisingly doesn't involve me picking up a book, yet. Instead, I need something that requires minimal brainpower, so I catch up on Youtube videos until I get called for whatever has been cooked. After dinner is when everyone else winds down, usually in front of the TV, before bedtime. This is where it gets exciting on my end and I come upstairs to read for an hour or two before I conk out.

On the weekend, I live with two younger siblings (because school isn't a weekend thing apparently) and my Ma, who all apparently enjoy an alternate game of bogies to see who can be the loudest (of course, I'm joking on the alternate game of bogies, as it's not really a game, they're just loud sometimes). Also, if you don't know what I mean by a game of bogies, I'm sorry, it's a British-generational thing, I think. I'll leave this link to a video as to where it comes from if you are curious.

In that case, I really like listening to soundtracks and ambiance videos. For soundtracks, I typically listen to Science Fiction and Fantasy movie, games and TV scores. My favourites include Game of Thrones S3 and S4, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Doctor Who S1 and S2. They work really well with the books I pick up, they make me happy, and the lack of pop-style lyrics means that I am unlikely to break out of the story to sing terribly.

In terms of ambiance, it changes regularly. At the moment I have been switching between these two:

I am obsessed with the cozy autumn vibes this one has been giving me, where it feels like I am laying beneath the softest throws (I mean, I am when I put this on), with sweet hot tea and the sharp smell of fallen leaves.

I love the Harry Potter ones that are littered through Youtube. This Shell Cottage one reminds me of the calm healing that the characters briefly go through in Deathly Hallows.

On this Sunday, I am prepping to listen to an ambiance track and
proceed to read for an hour. This is the view from my pillows.
If I am settling down to read for longer than ten minutes, Mum has picked up that I will make a cup of tea before disappearing. Which is great, because it means she's less likely to disturb the reading flow.

My ultimate reading spot is my bed, with blankets galore and a nice breeze when I can get it. But, I am partial to curling up in the corner seat of a sofa.

I've found carving out a little time every day has helped in my motivation to read. As well as help keep a sleeping routine, getting back on track with prospective blog posts, and enjoying what I am reading.

Now, I'm off to read and prep for an interview tomorrow. Will you be reading today? Anything good? Come talk to me in the comments.


  1. i hope your interview went well! :)
    i too am a night owl. ive yet to fix it evenwith a job

  2. Ooh have you tried the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack? It's excellent for reading, especially if you're reading fantasy.
    I don't have a reading routine as such, but same as you I love reading in bed with piles of blankets. Almost like a reading nest haha.
    Good luck with your interview!
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/