October 21, 2015

DISCUSSION: Something Strange & Deadly [PART 1]


Something Strange & Deadly (Something Strange & Deadly #1)

Susan Dennard

Philadelphia 1876. The Dead are rising. A zombie delivers a letter to Eleanor Fitt. Whoever controls the Dead Army has her brother. She avoids her mother's choice of husband for the lab of Spirit Hunters, including the maddeningly stubborn yet handsome Daniel. The situation threatens her reputation, and the lives of everyone in the city.

Q. How do you think you would react to the Dead walking around your city?

A. I think in all honesty, I'd be a total loser and go screaming and running. Unlike Eleanor, who so far seems to be holding up over in Philadelphia.  I live in quite a big city- London- so I would like to see how we would all react. But I think David Cameron wouldn't consider it a crisis and carry on and agreeing with cutting all our tax credits. However, I could think of some really cool places to hide and keep safe but I don't think where I live currently would be a massive help, the road I live on? Graveyard next door. RUN!!

Q. How do you feel about Eleanor as a character?

A. What I like about Eleanor is her strong sense of loyalty to her brother to find out what has happened to her. Also, the fact that she is realising that she doesn't have to wish to be a badass woman who kicks books (we all know I'm talking about Jie here) but she can if she wants. She is in power of what she is doing, by defying her mother and going to the exhibition in order to find her brother, but still trying to protect her.

Q. What was your favourite part of the first half of the book and why?

A. Definitely the scenes between Daniel and Eleanor. *Wink Wink* You know the ones I mean. I can't wait to see a little more of Mr. Sheridan- oh no! I think I've got another bookish crush! *Sigh*

Q.What are some of your favourite quotes so far?

A. "'To be honest, I don't take orders well.'
'Then I'll be sure not to give you any.'"

"'Next time, though, I suggest you use less obscure insults. They might hit the mark better.'"

"Iron spires and colorful flags rose up along the Schuylkill for ten blocks, making the Exhibition look just like a fairy tale."

"Joseph Boyer seemed about as honest as men came- a true gentleman if I'd ever seen one."

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