September 29, 2015

REVIEW: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)
Sarah J. Maas


DISCLAIMER: Please do not read if you have not read the previous books to the serious. I may spoil some events that have already taken place.


I could just gush, or I could be really logical and say all the things Sarah did right and wrong but to say the wrongs would be really difficult.

I think overall I have one critism of this book, so I'll start with that althought it's chronologically incorrect: the way Sarah left us. It felt a bit Insugent-y, in the way of: it might have happened a bit to soon. However, I do feel it's myself being hesitant as to what is to come next because that particular door is now shut. What obstacle will Aelin (if you're reading this then surely you've at least got to the second book; if not WHY ARE YOU READING THIS- SHOOO) have to face?

With that said and done, onto the more positive.
Sarah has been building this world of Erilea for a while. This book being the ultimate catacomb, drawing all these elements together. It was time for Sarah to hit the big red button.

And, boy, did she.

Straight back in Rifthold- Aelin isn't holding back. Vengence is crossed over every inch of her and she'll outwit anyone or anything to get it.  Which is what I like about Aelin in QoS. She felt sure of her self and her plans, but still stayed human- flawed in many ways. Her 'weakness' for her friends is one of many that proves that. Her desire and need to pritect the ones she loves.

Chaol? I'll keep it brief. Constantly through out this book you could here me in my bed, in my college cafeteria AND in the middle of nowhere- my constant commentry of how much an a**hole Chaol is. You didn't hear it on your part of the world? Now I'm really surprised. His motives always seem to presented as his loyalty to Dorian (I'm not going to discuss him; poor baby though. Just, no.) but I always feel a hidden motive. I'm distrustful.

Of course, we also have the rest of the cast of characters: Aedion, Rowan, Manon&Abraxos, The King of Aderlan and Dorian. Then the reintroduction of a few  people, some we've never met and some we haven't seen since book one.
I've casted some new ships *cough Aedion and Lysandra cough* (if someone wants to let me know their formal ship name, please do) and some where shattered completely. In Sarah's own battle of the ships.

Plot wise?: Like a bullet train. Sarah achieved a hell of a lot with this installement. My emotions were on a roller-coaster that went up then took the ultimate dip dive, up-turning my stomach until I was plummeted into the iciest water bath of tears only to be to be resurrected again.
I mean, she got me.

And she got me good.

I have mentioned a small miner defect and the lack of a cliffie. But you know, I'm somewhat satisfied and until my small brain can comprehend a different preferred ending, I'll remain happy.

I'm intrigued as to where we can go next, other than the obvious.

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